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About Us

Salama Pharmaceuticals Limited was established in 1987 and is rated as the largest importer and distributor of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices in Tanzania. We import products which are manufactured to the established standards of Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority. In selecting the products, we give preference to the products from manufacturing plants that are also compliant to International Regulatory Standards including USFDA and UK MHRA and products having WHO Prequalification.

The overall vision for SPL is to deliver healthcare products in ethical collaboration with medical professionals which enhance quality of life for patients, improve outcomes and deliver value through clinical leadership and excellence.

Salama Pharmaceuticals Limited – a privately owned Company whose distinctly independent structure means that we are not constrained by the short term needs of individual shareholders and can focus on the future with long term strategies of vision and leadership.

Our Values

“Your source to affordable healthcare”

Salama Pharmaceuticals has three stated commitments:

Provision of Quality Products
Affordable Pricing
Highest Levels of Customer Service

Our Quality Commitment

Our product ranges include a combination of sound quality, well branded, high volume consumables along with higher value, advanced medical disposables.

All products are registered with Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) in Tanzania and are subject to oversight by our Bureau of Standards Body (TBS).


In 2005, Salama Pharmaceuticals Limited was selected by Tanzania Revenue Authority to join Large Tax Payers Department and to date it is the only company amongst the importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals to join and remain in this prestigious category of Large Tax Payers.

We are amongst the leading suppliers of high quality products to the Government of Tanzania via MSD (Medical Stores Department), public/ private hospitals, clinic and pharmacies all over the country. We import and distribute a large range of drugs for the treatment of Gastro Intestinal System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Infections, Endocrine System and Malignant diseases and Immunosuppression, etc.


With over 200 employees covering the entire country, including a large team of fully trained sales force, we are dedicated to transforming patients’ lives.

In this fast changing world, the value of products, services and companies are constantly changing and we remain fully committed in our endeavour to march with time.

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